Mubarakpur is a well-known town situated in the historical district of Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh, India). It is just 13 km away from the district hub. It is the oldest town of the district and centuries after centuries, it has an unparalleled repute in the field of handicraft. Historical accounts point that Mubarakpur was a haven for weaving and knitting in 14th century with around 4000 weavers producing high quality silk-sarees.

The name Mubarakpur was coined after a Muslim saint Raja Mubarak Ali Shah visited the town in 15th century. Prior to that, it was known as Qasimabad. The town accommodates the people of every faith while Muslims have always been in majority according to the government records.

In the year 1800, East India Company merged Mubarakpur with the neighboring district of Gorakhpur. After 20 years it became a part of Ghazipur. The name Azamgarh was adopted in 1832 and since then, it remains famous by the same name.

A number of scholars, authors, linguists, poets, and freedom fighters have boosted and further heightened glory of this beautiful place. Maulana Qazi Athar Mubarkpuri, Sekhul hadeeth Mufti Abdurahman Muhadis Mubarakpuri, Maulana Shukrullah and Mufti Mhammad Yaseen , etc. can be named as the representatives of this group of great souls.

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